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                The Nursery and Kindergarten classes of Aadarsh Gurukul Academy are vastly different and very special from any other preschool. Aadarsh Gurukul Academy’s Kids in uniquely placed to provide everything necessary for the first step of your child, one that takes him or her far ahead in life. The nursery and KG classes of Aadarsh Gurukul Academy are colourful and spacious with furniture designed especially for small children. They not only learn inside the 4 walls of a class but are also taken outdoors for other games and activities. In the classroom the children are introduced to a lot of worksheets and coloring activities which makes learning fun and interesting. Plenty of orals are done with them, to make their speech clear & minds alert.

                Kindergarten education in AGA serves to provide a good foundation for a child’s intellectual and social development. Pre-school education program encompassing language, basic mathematics, simple science, music and play-learning. The Principles for learning in kindergarten forms the basis for effective education in the Primary, Middle and Upper Divisions. This foundation will ultimately help children construct their own meanings about themselves and the world around them and aid them in becoming responsible members of society. Our AGA tutors, therefore, play an imperative role in shaping and nurturing each child as a thinker and a doer. The child, who has his curiosity ignited in his early years, who develops an excitement about learning and interacts easily with others, will have a head start in life. Young children are natural and active learners. In IIS, we encourage them to Observe, Explore, Imagine, Discover, Investigate, Collect Information, Share Knowledge ect.

Just take a look at what sets us apart :

  • A Highly evolved and graded curriculum.
  • Play way technique of teaching.
  • Comprehensive reading and writing readiness programmes.
  • Specific activities and games to enhance physical and sensory motor growth.
  • Emphasis on creative art like music, art, dance and pottery to develop self expression.

A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty oversees the well being of our students. A good teacher – student ratio makes is possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.
In Aadarsh Gurukul Academy Ratlam the faculty is comfortable with using modern technologies such as computers, LCD or over head projector for classroom teaching, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation to make learning more interactive and effective.


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