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       Co-curricular activities for school students are a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

                In Aadarsh Gurukul Academy, we are committed to provide a balanced, inclusive, and diversified co-curricular program of activities as an important dimension of student’s learning. Our view is that co-curricular participation is the best predictor of an adult’s success.

We believe :

  • That all students should be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities.
  • That student interests and talents come in many different forms and should be equally valued and supported.
  • That activity should reflect a broad spectrum of interests, talents and learning modalities.
  • That equity in co-curricular learning opportunities is fundamental. Intention consistent with these beliefs, this policy is written to allow and encourage the most students to participate in the widest variety of co-curricular activities with the fewest restrictions.

Here at Aadarsh Gurukul Academy, we offer guidance and the needed resources for our students in activities like Musical Training, coaching  in sports and games, painting Arts & Crafts, other creative activities ect.

  1. Oath ceremony
  2. Independence Day Celebration
  3. Inter House Singing competition
  4. Hindi Elocution (Hindi Diwas Celebration)
  5. Inter House Science Quiz Competition
  6. Fancy Dress for Kg’s
  7. Dushehara Celebration
  8. Science Exhibition
  9. Republic Day Celebration
  10. Mehndi & Rangoli Competition.
  11. Fun Trip to Water Park
  12. Arts & Crafts Exhibition

A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty oversees the well being of our students. A good teacher – student ratio makes is possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.
In Aadarsh Gurukul Academy Ratlam the faculty is comfortable with using modern technologies such as computers, LCD or over head projector for classroom teaching, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation to make learning more interactive and effective.


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